Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nokia Revamps its Mapping Apps

Nokia has updated its mobile mapping application - Nokia Maps and PC Map Loader - with some new features and improvements.

Nokia's mapping application enables mapping, routing, downloading maps and street plans, and saving the favorite spots as landmarks to share with friends.
The new version of Nokia Map has 2 new features - a GPS status indicator and data download counter. The GPS status indicator alerts users when the mobile is connected to satellites, while the data download counter added in the map view allows users to keep a check on their data usage.

The updated version comes with a new streamlined user interface with improved nearby search and detailed categories.

In addition, this version also includes a bonus 3-day trial navigation license free of charge. This trail enables users to try out the service over a weekend holiday or a short business trip and discover the convenience of having a personal navigation device integrated into their mobile.

Besides, the new improved version of PC Map Loader transfers the maps up to 10 times faster as compared to the first version and enables downloading the voice guidance files.

The new versions of Nokia Maps and the Nokia Map Loader are freely available to download for selected devices at

The mapping and routing is available for free by Nokia. However, the user needs to pay the network provider for the data transfers.

Meanwhile, the company is updating the map coverage during the second half of 2007 to cover 150 countries including India.

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